Infographic with allergic rhinitis facts

Make an appointment to see an allergist

For new patient and follow-up appointments, just click “Appointments online” here or above. Our staff will contact new patients to get necessary information and set up a visit. Or call 800-86-COUGH to schedule your appointment.

We’ll need:

  • Patient’s name, date of birth, address and insurance information
  • Home and cellphone numbers, e-mail address of person who handles care of patient
  • Brief description of primary reason for appointment
  • Patient’s primary physician
  • Patient’s pharmacy address and phone number

Allergy injections (SCIT – subcutaneous immunotherapy)

Walk-in sessions are available at most of our offices on a specific afternoon and evening each week. No appointment is necessary. Check with the front desk for days and times. Allergy injection appointments can also be scheduled by calling 610-825-5800, extension 2.

Appointment reminders

We take extra care to remind you of your appointment using text messages and e-mail reminders. You’ll receive a reminder on the day you schedule your appointment, as well as one week before and one day before your appointment.


Please call us at 610-825-5800, ext. 2, to cancel your appointment. It’s best to speak directly with a staff member.

Visit recalls

When it’s time to schedule your next visit, we’ll send a reminder using e-mail or text. Remember that you must see your allergist at least once every 11-12 months in order to refill prescriptions and allergy extracts.